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First launched in 2009, our ringleader, Gaye Ann Bruno and her diverse group of hand picked, invited weekly rotating guest “girlfriends” leave no stone unturned as they discuss various topics ranging from sex, music, spirituality, philosophy, politics and more, in this tongue-in-cheek unfiltered, un-PC, explicit & raw podcast. Managing to discuss at least 25 topics in a one hour roller coaster time frame, these ‘poddy’ mouth girls are “cool” enough to be invited into the boys locker room, and not feel out of place. They are equal parts funny, articulate, thoughtful, smart and cute, possessing just enough A.D.D. & O.C.D. to add to the chaos and comedy of each podcast. As our listeners can attest, Between the Sheets™ appeals to people of all ages and persuasions and every color under the sun.  We attract an interesting array of guests — often Gaye Ann’s industry friends — showcasing a fascinating mix of celebrities, authors, musicians, sex experts, psychics, and more...the list goes on.

If you want to be schooled on any topic, even ones too hot to handle, hang out with these girls for the education of a lifetime! Each week, they’re gonna push your buttons...


Gaye Ann Bruno

​is a Jersey girl, who in her teens spent her nights in the NYC underground club scene. This is where her interest in music, the absurd and the eccentric really began and where her sense of humor was formed. She has been an entertainment executive in “the biz” for many years...and boy, does she has some stories to tell!

Gaye Ann’s a very open, vocal, artistic ‘Jill of All Trades’ which keeps her hopping 24/7. She’s been a successful Club & Radio DJ, radio host, emcee, concert promoter, record producer, event producer, film producer, publicist, art director, and music manager while maintaining a “day job”. Gaye Ann created and began hosting Between The Sheets™ in 2010 and has invited her diverse group of friends (and special celebrity guests) to join her for some no-holds-barred chats about everything including music, spirituality, pop culture, and of course SEX.  Gaye Ann lives what Between The Sheets™ embodies: Uncensored. Fun. Irreverent. Fiesty. Sassy. Honest.

Mara 1.jpg

Mara Shane

is a writer that wrote a fictional column “ Blur the Lines” for BOUND Magazine, an international GLBT+ magazine. Mara creates, directs and edits sketch comedy videos and produces and stars in her web-series “Kvetching with the Katzenbergs”. Mara is launching her custom painted jackets and custom designed shoes for her line “No Glory In Fame” to debut later this year. 

Kara Noble

is a True Brit and an award-winning radio voice talent from London now living in SoCal. She co-hosted an award-winning morning show for 12 years  -  this led to many jobs in virtually every field. In voiceover, you have heard her on many international companies' TV and radio ads. Her career began with stage shows (a UK production of HAIR), then she recorded a few pop songs, did a little acting on TV, ran a fantastic Singing Telegram Company - Songbird and it all led to her radio job of entertaining London listeners on the most famous Breakfast Show in London history with Who Wants to be a Millionaire host, Chris Tarrant and then co-hosting the Morning Show on Heart FM.  She often traveled with the shows, broadcasting from Spain, France, Sydney, Tasmania, Tenerife and Los Angeles. Her Facebook page is Kara Noble Voice and you can follow her on Quora.

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Roxanne Rosen

has played musical instruments since she was in the 4th grade and watched her HS drama club put on a musical and she got chills throughout her body. She knew she needed to be a part of it! She got her start in acting and singing in college. Since then, she has been in films, TV shows, commercials and theater productions. She does a variety of hosting and speaking engagements. Currently, she is working on making an album to launch her singing career. She will also be publishing her first book. Performing is a part of her being and she's the happiest when she gets to share her talents with people and puts smiles on their faces. She is honored to be a part of Between The Sheets!

Delicia Niami

is a California girl and is a real-live “valley girl”.  After spending half her life in Southern California she decided it was time to travel for the first time as an adult!  She ended up in Europe and fell so in love with Switzerland she moved there.  Since then she has traveled the World.  She graduated from UCSC and then furthered her studies with an AA Degree in Film and Television.  She is excited to be back to her roots in Southern California and super stoked to be part of Between The Sheets!!

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Wendy Nathan

Born and raised in So Cal, she has a varied background:   a BA in psychology and has worked with mentally ill adults for a number of years.  Then, she became a mother of 2 amazing children who are now grown .  Her daughter is gay and will be marrying an  incredible woman in just 2 months!  During her  "mom" years,  she became a massage therapist and Reiki master, finding that she loves helping people feel better and be healthier.  She has also been a cannabis cultivator for some time after it became legal. She is running the family business with her son, selling cutting tools. Last, but certainly not least, she is a long time member of Goddess Camp and runs their social media on Facebook. 

Cheryl Murphy

has studied metaphysics for over 20 years including international studies in Brazil and Germany, and at England's prestigious Arthur Findlay College. She has oriented her practice as a spiritual medium towards channeling loved ones who have passed over, and psychometry. She is a clairvoyant, healer, and ordained minister, as well as a certified hypnotherapist and an intuitive facilitator.  She is a member of Bob Olson's Best Psychic Directory and is the founder of The Healing Prayer Circle. She uses her ability as a psychic and a medium to help people make life’s important decisions. As a psychic she is able to bridge the connection to your spiritual guides. As a medium she can put you in touch with your loved ones. 


Kim Sanchez - BIO Coming Soon

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